Pay for a Day

365 chances to bring a smile to a child's face. 365 opportunities to allow a worried parent the chance to get a good night's sleep. But a million reasons to support Claire House Children's Hospice.

Pay for a Day is our new fundraising appeal, allowing you to help cover the cost of care for a full 24 hours at your local children's hospice.

Claire House provides around-the-clock respite to children and young people with complex medical conditions. The daily cost of care at the hospice amounts to £6,500.

By offering to Pay for a Day, you cover that cost of care. You could donate the amount as a lump sum or fundraise over time, alone or with friends or colleagues. There is no limit on the amount of time it takes to raise the funds and you can pay for more than one day if you choose. 

In exchange we will celebrate with you and dedicate the day you pay for at Claire House, to you. You could choose to pay for a day that is special to you, a birthday or anniversary, a milestone in your company. Any day could be the first day a child has painted a picture. Or the day a brother and sister enjoy playing in our hydrotherapy pool. It could also be a family's last day together, with our expert team on hand to support them. 

Every day at Claire House is unique and filled with hope, laughter and positivity. No matter what day you choose to pay for, the difference you make will last far beyond those 24 hours; it will last a lifetime. 

For more information on how you can Pay for a Day, call 0151 343 0883 or download our information pack here.  

(Picture: Claire House Patron Marco Pierre White officially lauches our Pay for a Day campaign with the help of Diane, Ian and little Olivia during their first visit to Claire House.)